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you give me motivation and insipration,
you give me hope, you give me faith.
you thought me how to think positively about
myself and my life.
you thought me good things will come to
those who wait.

you molded me into the self-confident individual,
that proudly stands before you today.
you always have encouraging words to say.
you were there for me each stap of
the way.
through the goodtimes, badtimes,
through times of disapointment and dismay.

your the one who keeps me up, whenever
i am feeling down.
your the one who erases all my frowns.
you creat the happy chapters in my life.
you comforted me through my depression and strife.
you noticed me when i was invisible.
you made me feel like i was invincible.

you proved to me that nothing is impossible,
you made me understand everything is achievable.
you faught with me when times were tough.
you stuck by me, when things got tough.
you helped me to overcome all my fear.
you make me shed those joyful tears.
you gave me strengh, when i was weak.
you always whisk me off my feet.
you are way to good to be true,
thats why i am so obsessed over you

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