Every Time Weíre Together
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every time weíre together
in each others arms
i know you will keep me safe
and protect me from any harm.

whenever youíre around
i get lost in your eyes
you have taken way my sadness
my heartache and my cries.

every time iím with you
and youíre holding my hand
i know whenever thereís a problem
you will always understand.

whenever i talk to you
you take away any pain
youíve cured my hurt
and still tend to keep my sane.

every time i hear or see
the sight of your name
i know for a fact no one else
i could never feel the same.

whenever i think of you
nothing in the whole world matters
you have bought me so much happiness
i know with you heart wonít shatter.

every time i see your face
i feel something deep within my heart
its a love so strong between you and i
that will never let us part.

whenever the sun shines
or the rain may fall
i think to myself how much i love you
and how i consider you my all.

every time the phone rings
and i hear your voice
i know in my heart loving you
is definitely the right choice.

whenever i have you close to me
0r even feel you near
i know you will hold me
and scare away my fear.

every time iím with you
i fall in love with you even more
youíre some special to me
and the one iíll always adore.

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