I Have Made Divisions
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i have made divisions
in the world of nature
things which are beautiful
i have owned as my own
and things which i think
are ugly
i have placed

on the other side
who shall decide what things are good
and what bad
and some poor animals

animals like wolves, foxes and jackals
and mosquitoes
donít they have compassion
will not someone teach them good behavior

where is that harmony in nature then
when i have already declared
good and bad
when they know not

did not cleopatra used
cobraís venom
as a remedy for her sickness
of love

protect the poor animals
stop hounding the lions
let them have their long sleeps
in those shadows
let the fish breath

some fresh air in the deep sea
letís get silent
for a minute
for the poor donkey
letís open the cages
of those sweet birds

letís be animals
letís live together with them
and sometimes think with them
letís keep away the camera on one side
and the safari cruise

may bring some good news
without being photographed with giraffe
or that poor lion cub
letís not wear their skins

and eat their flesh
they are
our oldest friends

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