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Double Meaning SMS


Donít Take Things In Wrong Sense When.
Dr Says:
Take Off Your Clothes! ... View Full Sms

I Used To Think That Dreams Do Not
Come True,
But This Quickly Changed The Moment I Laid ... View Full Sms

When Sum1 Touches U
& U Dont Feel It
Its Ignorance ... View Full Sms

Time Pass Karna Hy?
Khamoshi Sy Kichen My Jaw
Cabnit My Sy Oil Nikalo ... View Full Sms

Dil Chahta Hy K Khara Kar K Aap
K Hath Ma Pakra D0n?
Aur Aap Usy Hila Hila K ?0lo ... View Full Sms

There Are Only 5 Things We Need In
Good Friends, Good Job ... View Full Sms

Master Ji To Class -
?Baccho Duniya Mein Har Baat Ke Do Matlab
Nikalte Hain?. ... View Full Sms

Woman To A Shopkeeper: ?Joshaanda Hai??
Shopkeeper: Meynu Te Bara Josh Aanda Ay, Twanon
... View Full Sms

My Eyes Bear Uncountable Tears:-(
Bcoz U R Far Away 4m Me:-(
I Wish U Were Here ... View Full Sms

Thought For The Day‚ÄĚ
Always Be The Reason Of Someone’s Happiness Never
Just A Part Of It. ... View Full Sms


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