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Double Meaning SMS


Full Form Of Frienship:-
R-Rational ... View Full Sms

Sardarni: Ji 2si Gaddi Eni Tej Kyu Bhja
Rahe Ho?
Sardar: Areh,Gaddi Di Break Fail Ho Gayi Hai, ... View Full Sms

2 Pyaz,
3 Lahsun,
5 Gm Zeera, ... View Full Sms

Hey Friend Remember That
Without Stupidity There Can Be No Wisdom
& Without Ugliness There Can Be No Beauty ... View Full Sms

When U Mix Rice In Milk U Call
It Kheer.
When U Mix Vinegar In Milk U Call ... View Full Sms

Happiness Is A Perfume.
You Cannot Spread On Others Without Getting A
Few Drops On Urself. ... View Full Sms

I Was On A Ship Thinking Of You.Wen
I Looked Down I Droped A Tear In
Da Ocean.Then ... View Full Sms

Log Ishq Kartay Hain Baray Shor Kay Sath,
Humne Bhi Kia Bare Zor Kay Sath,
Lakin Ab Karain Gay Thoray Ghor Kay Sath, ... View Full Sms

Itna Khubsurat Kaise Muskura Lete Ho.Itna Qatil Kaise
Sharma Lete
Ho.Kitni Aasani Se Jaan Le Lete Ho.Kisi Ne ... View Full Sms

Teacher: Zameen Per Rehny Waly Janwer Bachy Dety
Hawa Main Urnay Waly Andy Daitay Hain, ... View Full Sms


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