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4getn U Is Hard 2 Do,
4gtn Me Is Up2 U,
4gt Me Not, ... View Full Sms

Looking Back I Find It Hard To Believe
That I Could Forge A Career In Anything
Other Than Football But I Didnít Do Too ... View Full Sms

Granted, Prostate Exams Arenít
The Most Enjoyable Things In The World,
But They Only Last About 10 Seconds. Itís ... View Full Sms

There Are Six Components Of Wellness :
Proper Weight And Diet, Proper Exercise,
Breaking The Smoking Habit, Control Of Alcohol, ... View Full Sms

As Long As Learning Is Connected With Earning,
As Long As Certain Jobs Can Only Be
Reached Through Exams, ... View Full Sms

Class Ki Har Ladki Ek Phool Hai,
Usse Chahna Ek Bhool Hai.
Jo Inki Soch Mein Gul Hai, ... View Full Sms

Why Study For Exams.
Are They Not About What You Know,
Not About How Much You Can Cram ... View Full Sms

I Was Thrown Out Of College
For Cheating On The Metaphysics Exam;
I Looked Into The Soul Of The ... View Full Sms

I Was Thinking About How People
Seem To Read The Bible A Whole
Lot More As They Get Older; ... View Full Sms

Aye Sala Abhi Abhi, Hua Yakin,
Padai Merr Bas Ki Nahin.
Kitab Ko Me Nikal Gaya Padtwe-Padte Pigal Gaya, ... View Full Sms


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