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A Simple Way For
“ Happy Living”..
Forget 2 Things In Life., ... View Full Sms

Love Tip -
It Is Advisable To Over React
Whenever Ur Partner Is In Trouble. ... View Full Sms

Thought Of The Day-
Dont Let Someone Become A Priority In Your
Life ... View Full Sms

“Excellence Has Always Been Achieved
By Those Who Dared Believe
That Something Inside Them ... View Full Sms

A Diamond Is Merely A Lump Of Coal That
Did Well Under Pressure. So Imagine How Brilliant
A Human Being Can Be By Sustaining Pressures ... View Full Sms

The Fruit Of Silence Is Prayer
The Fruit Of Prayer Is Faith
The Fruit Of Faith Is Love ... View Full Sms

If U Can Solve Ur Problem,
Then What Is Need Of Worrying?
If U Cannot Solve It, ... View Full Sms

The Only Thing I Like About Stones That
Come In My Way Is,
Once I Pass Them, ... View Full Sms

People Are Made To Be Loved And Things
R Made To Be Used.
The Confusion Is In The World Because People ... View Full Sms

Meri Yeh Dua Hai Ke To Har Lamha
Muskarae Ghum Ka Lamha Na Ka Bhi
... View Full Sms


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