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If You Are Too Careful,
You Are So Occupied In Being Careful
... View Full Sms

You Can Close Your Eyes For Certain Facts.
But Not For The Memories.... View Full Sms

People Who Do Not Want To Be Disturbed,
Usually Already Are Disturbed... View Full Sms

Time Is Like A River..
U Canít Touch The Same Water Twice,
Bcoz The Flow That Has Passed Will Never ... View Full Sms

How People Fine Time To Hate When Life
Is Too Short To Love.... View Full Sms

People Donít Care How Much You Know Until
They Know How Much You Care.... View Full Sms

If A Man Meets With Injustice, It Is
Not Required
That He Shall Not Be Roused To Meet ... View Full Sms

Believe While Others Doubt.
Work While Others Wish.
Save While Others Waste. ... View Full Sms

Remeber The Way Of Least Resistence Rarely Lead
To Success!!... View Full Sms

The Thing That Weighs Most Heavily In
The Balance (Of Good Deeds) Is A Good
... View Full Sms


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