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The Most Satisfying Thing In Life Is To
Have Been Able To Give A Large Part
... View Full Sms

If U Donnot Know The Life,
U Have No Love;
... View Full Sms

Life Is Full Of Choice Nd Ur Free
2 Choose But Choose 2 B The Best... View Full Sms

Lift Ur Foot Ahead N Above All The
Worries N Disturbances Wont Meets With U. ... View Full Sms

Unless One Learn 2 Appreciate Another
One Cannot Learn 2 Understand One Self Better.... View Full Sms

Not Every Successful Man Is A Good Father.
But Every Good Father Is A Successful Man... View Full Sms

One Never Notices
What Has Been Done;
One Can Only See ... View Full Sms

”As V Advance In Our Life V Learn
The Limits Of Our Abilities”... View Full Sms

Dream What You Want To Dream,
Go Where You Want To Go,
Be What You Want To Be. ... View Full Sms

Past Is Experience!
Present Is Experiement!
Future Is Expectation! ... View Full Sms


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