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Donít Let Yesterdayís Failures
Ruin The Beauty Of 2day.
Godís Blessings R New Everyday. ... View Full Sms

ďA Smile Is Like A Drop Of Water
In Burning Desert.
... View Full Sms

A Smile Is A Curve That¬ Can
Straighten Out A Lot Of Things... View Full Sms

If You Want Something You Never Had,
Do Something You Have Never Done.... View Full Sms

The Best Gift U Can Give Someone is
Ur Time,
Cuz When U Give It U Can Never ... View Full Sms

The Grand Essentials Of Happeness Are :
Some Thing To Do,
Some Thing To Love, ... View Full Sms

If You Truly Love Some One
Then The Only Thing You
Want For Them Is T Be Happy .. ... View Full Sms

There Would Come A Time When We Have
To Stop Loving Someone Not
Because That Person Started To Hate Us But ... View Full Sms

To Live Like A King,
You Have To Work Hard Like A Slave.... View Full Sms

Always Love Smokers As They Have Shorter Life
Span... View Full Sms


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