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When U R Right No One Remembers U
When U R Wrong No One Forgets U.... View Full Sms

Faithful The Wounds Of Thy Friend But,
The Kisses Of The Enemy Is Decietful... View Full Sms

Strength Does Not Come From Physical Capacity;
It Comes From An Indomitable Will!... View Full Sms

To Move Ahead, One Must Have A Head!... View Full Sms

Pray As If Everything Depends Upon God,
Work As If Everything Depends Upon You!... View Full Sms

A Negative Thinker See A
Difficulty In Every Opportunity,
A Positive Thinker See An ... View Full Sms

Ur Dream Will Not Die,Ur Plans Will Not
Ur Destiny Will Not Be Borted.The Desire Of ... View Full Sms

We Spend Our Days Waiting For Ideal Path
To Appear In Front Of Us,
But We Forget That Paths R Made By ... View Full Sms

Heart Truely In Luv Never Lost Hope,
It Doesn’t Matter How Far The Distance (Km),
How Long The Tym(Hrs), ... View Full Sms

Every King Was Once A Helpless Baby &
Every Great Structure Once A Blueprint…
It’s Not Where R U Today, ... View Full Sms


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