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A Good Way To Change Someones Attitude,
Is To Change Ur Own. Bcuz D Same
Sun Which Melts D Butter Hardens D Clat ... View Full Sms

Love Is So Thing You Don’t Have To
Say It,
... View Full Sms

It Is Better To Control Your Behaviour Than
To Avoid,
... View Full Sms

A Thousand-Mile Journey Begins Wit D First Step,
And Can Only Be Taken One Step
... View Full Sms

Any Man Can Be A Father,
But It Takes Sumone Special To Be A
... View Full Sms

If U Think U 2 Small 2 Make
A Difference,
Then U Haven’t Spent A Night With A ... View Full Sms

Be Like A Rose Which Gives Its Fragrance
Even To Those Who Crush It”... View Full Sms

If U Want To Make A Different,
... View Full Sms

As U Travel On Lifes Way
With Its Many Ups And Downs
Remember Its Quite True 2 Say ... View Full Sms

When One Door Closes, Another Opens;
But We Often Look So Long And Regretfully
Upon The Closed Door That We Do Not See ... View Full Sms


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