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Wen U Share Urself Wid Othrs,
Lyf Begins To Find It True Meanin,
D Tym U Touch D Hearts Of Othrs, ... View Full Sms

D Worlds Most Happiest Person Nvr Gets
All D Best Things Arnd Them.
... View Full Sms

A Person Who Truly Luvs U N
Knws U Is Someone Who
Sees D Pain In Ur Eyes ... View Full Sms

Lyf Is Lyk A Piano,
White Keys R Happy Moments,
N Black Keys R Sad Moments, ... View Full Sms

Every Bad Situation Will Have Something Positive In
Even A Stopped Clock Shows Correct Time Twice ... View Full Sms

Every Failure Is A Lesson–Learn Well,
Every Success Is A Battle-Fight It &
Every Friend Is A Jewel-Keep Well In Ur ... View Full Sms

Never Be Like The Hand That Crushed The
But Be Like A Crushed Flower Which Leaves ... View Full Sms

Relationshp Is Lyk D Needle Of Clock.
Though V R In D Same Clockv Cant Meet,
Even If V Meet Its Only 4 Few Secs. But ... View Full Sms

Lyf Is Not Worth Living
Until U Hav Some1 2 Die 4…
Nd Lyf Is Not Worth Dyin 1ce ... View Full Sms

If God Ans Ur Prayers He’s Increasin Ur
Faith, If He Delays He’s Increasin Ur
Patience, N If He Dsnt Lisen He Knws ... View Full Sms


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