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Mistakes Fail In Their Mission Of Helping The
Person Who Blames Them On Others... View Full Sms

Be Nice To You Sibling.
They Are Your Best Link To Your Past... View Full Sms

Give A Person A Fish And You Feed
Them For A Day;
Teach That Person To Use The Internet ... View Full Sms

Life Is Not As Such As We Think,
As We Lives,As We Wish To Do.
Beacause Life Is A Lots Of Dream, ... View Full Sms

There Is No Man So Friendless
But What He Can Find A Friend Sincere
... View Full Sms

Old Friends Pass Away, New Friends Appear.
It Is Just Like The Days.
An Old Day Passes, A New Day Arrives. ... View Full Sms

Friendship Is The Source Of The Greatest Pleasures,
And Without Friends Even The Most Agreeable Pursuits
... View Full Sms

When A Friend Is In Trouble,
Donít Annoy Him By Asking If There Is
Anything You Can Do. ... View Full Sms

Friendship Is Genuine When Two Friends Can Enjoy
Each Others Company Without Speaking A Word To
... View Full Sms

A Friend Is Someone You Can Be Alone
And Have Nothing To Do ... View Full Sms


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