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Never Look Down On Anybody Unless You Are
Helping Them Up.... View Full Sms

Nothing Is So Strong As Gentelness, And Nothing
Is So Gentle As True Strength.... View Full Sms

Hateful People Think God Is On Their Side
Loving People Always Try To Be On God’s ... View Full Sms

From What We Get We Can Make A Living.
What We Give However Makes A Life.... View Full Sms

A Man Has Made Atleast A Start On
Discovering The Meaning Of Human Life,
When The Plants Shade Trees Under ... View Full Sms

The One Who Takes Your Hand But Touches
Your Heart Is A True Friend.... View Full Sms

Anger Is A Short Madness.
Don’t Allow It To Ruin Longstanding Relations.... View Full Sms

As Heat Conserved Is Transmitted Into Energy,
So Can Anger Controlled Can Be Transmitted
... View Full Sms

Everybody Sees How You Seem, However,
Only Some True Friend Know Who You Are... View Full Sms

Saying “I Did Not Find Time”
Shows You Did Not Wish To Do It.... View Full Sms


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