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Though No One Can Go Back & Make
A Brand New Start,
Anyone Can Start From Now & Make A ... View Full Sms

Almost Anything You Do Will Be Insignificant,
But It Is Very Important That You Do
... View Full Sms

Yesterday Is A Cancelled Cheque,
Tomorrow Is A Promissory Note ,
... View Full Sms

It Is Better To Be Hated For What
You Are Than To Be Loved For What
... View Full Sms

Celebrate Each¬ Happy Day In Such A
Way That Next Day Will Come Surely... View Full Sms

We Cannot Hold A Torch To Another Manís
Path Without Brightening Our Own... View Full Sms

Education Is Not Preparation For Life. Education Is
Life Itself... View Full Sms

Pain Is Inevitable. Suffering Is Optional... View Full Sms

If U Donít Hear Opportunity Knocking, Find Another
Door... View Full Sms

When It Is Dark Enough , You Can
See The Stars.... View Full Sms


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