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Full Stop Is Not A Real End,
Because We Can Form A Sentence After That.
Like That In Life, ... View Full Sms

The Most Difficult
Lesson To Lean Is,
Which Hand You ... View Full Sms

One Man Cried Wen
He Had No Shoes ,
But He Stopped Crying When ... View Full Sms

Always Have A
Positive Attitude In Life.
There Is Something Positive ... View Full Sms

When Your Successful
Your Well Wishers Know
Who You Are ... View Full Sms

Each Moment Of Your Life Is A Picture
Which U Had Never Seen Before.
And Which Ull Never See Again So Enjoy ... View Full Sms

Falling Down Is Not Defeat
. ... View Full Sms

Very Nice Collection Of Wise Quotes,
Wise Words, Wise Saying,
Old Wise Saying And Wise Sms ... View Full Sms

The Pleasure Of Having
A Dream Is That It Is A Fantasy.
If It Happens, It Was Never ... View Full Sms

Never Look 4 Beauty,It Will Fade Away 1
Never Look4 Good Skin,It Will Grow Old 1 ... View Full Sms


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