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Treasure Every Moment That You Have!
Yesterday Is History. Tomorrow Is Mystery.
Today Is A Gift. Thatís Why Itís Called ... View Full Sms

Donít Ask God For A Easy Life,Ask Him
To Make You A Strong Person... View Full Sms

You Do Not Love Someone Under The Condition
That This Person Would Love You Back... View Full Sms

Donít Be So Open Minded That Your Brains
Fall Out... View Full Sms

Sometimes You Have To Sacrifice Love, Just To
Save A Friendship.... View Full Sms

Life Is Like Riding A Bicycle. To Keep
Your Balance You Must Keep Moving... View Full Sms

Donít Run Through Life So Fast That You
Not Only Where Youíve Been ,But Where You ... View Full Sms

Life Is A Game, Play It;
Life Is A Challenge, Meet It;
Life Is An Opportunity, ... View Full Sms

Many Of Lifeís Failures Are People
Who Did Not Realize How Close
... View Full Sms

Go Confidently In The Direction Of Your Dreams.
Live The Life You Have Imagined.... View Full Sms


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