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We Choose Our Joys And Sorrows Long Before
We Experience Them.... View Full Sms

The Best Way To Be Boring Is Leaving
Nothing Out.... View Full Sms

What Ever U R,
Where Ever U R,
Think So, ... View Full Sms

U Learn To Love Someone Wen
U Find Wat Makes Them Smyl,
But U Can Nvr Truly Luv Some1, ... View Full Sms

Mistakes R Embars in Wen Dey Happen,
But Years Later Wen U Hav A Collection
Of Mistakes Called Experience Which Leads U To ... View Full Sms

Prblm Is Just D Distance B/w Expextd N
So Eithr Expect Less Or Accept D Reality, ... View Full Sms

The Happiest Pe(” ._. “)ple Don’t Have Everything
In Life.
They Just Make The Best Of Everything That ... View Full Sms

A Person Who Can Explain Color To A
Blind Man Can Explain Everything In Life.... View Full Sms

There Are Many Languages In The World But
Smile Speaks Them All. Keep Smiling!!... View Full Sms

Whatever The Mind Can Conceive And Believe,It Can
Be Achieved... View Full Sms


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