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The Path That Leads To Happiness Is So
Narrow That Two Can Not Walk
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Everybody Have Difference Thinks In Word..But Friend Have
... View Full Sms

Only He Who Has The Power To Punish
Can Pardon;; Ali(As)
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When A Baby Born He/she Will Cry Near
By All Are Happy,
When Anyone Die He/she Will Be Plesant But ... View Full Sms

If Sumeone Trows Stone Towards U,
Trow Love Towards Him.
But If Sumone Throw Love Towrds U, ... View Full Sms

Dont Take Life Too Seriously,
Always Find Time To Laugh…
Remember That Laughter Not ... View Full Sms

Dream Makes All Things Possible.
Hopes Makes All Things Work.
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A Loving Sister Glows Like Star In Brothers
Soul... View Full Sms

Smile!Simply Makes Isolated Life Easy.... View Full Sms

Be A Diode To Remove -Ve Thinking,
A Transistor To Amplify The Character….
A Resistor To Drop Badhabits, ... View Full Sms


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