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What Touches Us The Most Is…
Being Hurt By Some1 U Trust A Lot…
…. Or …. ... View Full Sms

Success Is Like Tip Of The Tail!!
If Cat Runs To Catch The Tail.
It Has To Keep Running Forever. ... View Full Sms

When God Drops Needles And Pins Along Ur
Path In Life,
Dont Stay Away,, Instead Pick Them Up And ... View Full Sms

Love Urself ,
Flirt With Ur Understanding,
Romance With Dreams, ... View Full Sms

In Time Of Difficulities
Dont’t Every Say ‘God I Have A Big
Problem’ ... View Full Sms

Sometimes Its Dumb To Be Wise And Sometimes
Its Wise To Be Dumb.
But More Often Than Not, We Are The ... View Full Sms

Life Is Made Of Small Jumps Over Great
Obstacles. It’s In The
Courage Of Getting Thru Them That Makes Life ... View Full Sms

Pushing Things To Happen Before Their Time Is
A Futile And
Disturbing Exercise.It Is Like Trying To Change The ... View Full Sms

The Greatest Right In The World Is Not
Right To Be Right But Right
To Be Wrong! ... View Full Sms

Either Live Your Dreams Or Kill Yourself..
Never Compromise.... View Full Sms


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