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To Love Is Nothing,
To Be Loved Is Something,
... View Full Sms

Kindness In Words Creates Confidence,
Kindness In Thinking Creates Profoundness,
... View Full Sms

A Man Can Succeed At Almost Anything For
Which He Has Unlimited
... View Full Sms

If You Want Something You Have Never Had,
You Must Be Willing To Do Something You
... View Full Sms

It Is Not What Happens To You But
How You React To It That Matters... View Full Sms

Better Be Careful About What U Like To
Get In Life,
Otherwise You Will Have To Like What You ... View Full Sms

Life Ends When You Stop Dreaming,
Hope Ends When You Stop Believing
And Love Ends When You Stop Caring. ... View Full Sms

Life Is Only Traveled Once,
Today’s Moment Becomes
Tomorrow’s Memory. ... View Full Sms

Life Is A Book We All Read It,
Love Is Blessing We All Need It,
Always Be Happy, ... View Full Sms

Coincidence Decides Whom U Meet In Life,
Ur Heart Decides Whom U Want To Stay
In Ur Life… ... View Full Sms


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