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Friends Are Gifts Wrapped In Ribbons Of Thoughtfulness…
And Trimmed With Kisses And Smiles,
Given By God To Stay Not Just For ... View Full Sms

Life Is A One-Way Street.
No Matter How Many Detours You Take,
None Of Them Leads Back. ... View Full Sms

A Smile Makes Us Look Younger.
While Prayers Make Us Feel Stronger. And Friends.?
... View Full Sms

‘The Way U To Be Happy Is To
Make Others Happy’.
... View Full Sms

‘The Fragrance Of Flowers Spreads Only In The
Direction Of The
Wind. But The Goodness Of A Person Spreads ... View Full Sms

Shoot For The Moon If You Will Miss,You
Will Be Still High... View Full Sms

Don’t Be Special To Become Special,
Be Ordinary To Become Special…So U R ___________?... View Full Sms

Don`t Hurt Anyone!
It Only Takes Few Seconds To Hurt People
You Love And It ... View Full Sms

It Takes Years To Build Trust But Few
Seconds To Destroy It... View Full Sms

Enjoy Your Life Today
Because Yesterday Has Gone
... View Full Sms


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