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Life Is At Itís Weakest When There Is
More Doubts Than Trust
But Itís Strongest When There Is More Trust ... View Full Sms

Aaj 15 Rajab Ko 10 Martaba
Zarur Parhen.. Is Ka Sawaab ( Zameen Ke ... View Full Sms

Allah Gives And Forgive
Men Gets And Forget.... View Full Sms

ĎKisi Shaks K Liye Halaal(Yani Jaiz)nahi K 2
Admio K Darmian Inki
... View Full Sms

Although The World Is Full Of Suffering,
It Is Also Full Of The Overcoming Of
... View Full Sms

Anger, If Not Restrained, Is Frequently More Hurtful
To Us Than
... View Full Sms

As Long As You Put In The Work,You
Can Own The Dream. When The
... View Full Sms

Be At Peace With Yourself First And Then
You Will Be Able To Bring
... View Full Sms

Be Nice To Everyone On Your Way To
The Top
Because You Pass Them All On The Way ... View Full Sms

Beautiful Faces Are Those That Wear Whole-Souled Honesty
... View Full Sms


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