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To Love Is Nothing,
To Be Loved Is Something,
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The Companions Of Our Childhood Always Possess A
Certain Power Over Our Minds Which Hardly Any
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A Good Wife Alwayz Forgives Her Husband Wen
She‘s Wrong Even..!!
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All Tragedies Are Finished By A Death
And All Comedies By A Marriage.... View Full Sms

“A Happy Man Marries The Girl He Loves;
A Happier Man Loves The Girl He
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Time Is A Great Teacher, But Unfortunately It
Kills All Its Pupils... View Full Sms

“indeed You Have In The Messenger Of Allaah
An Excellent Example For The One Who Hopes
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A Meaningful Sentence Written At A Grave Yard
“ As You Are, So We Were,
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The Real Power Behind Whatever Success I Have
Now Was Something I Found Within Myself -
Something That‘s In All Of Us, I Think, ... View Full Sms

An Education Isn‘t How Much You Have Committed
To Memory, Or Even How Much You Know.
It‘s Being Able To Differentiate Between What You ... View Full Sms


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