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Memon: Yeh Kaila(Banana) Kaisay Diya?
Shopkeeper: 1Rs.
Memon: 60 Paisa Ka Deta Hai? ... View Full Sms

Life Doesn’t Provide Warranties & Guarantees…
It Only Provides Possibilities & Opportunities
For Those Who Dare To Make Best Use ... View Full Sms

When Youur Fear Touches
Someones Pain, It Becomes Pity,
When Your Love Touches ... View Full Sms

Don’t Define Ur Failure By Looking At Somebody’s
Also Don’t Define Ur Success By Looking At ... View Full Sms

The Trouble With A Rat Race
Is That Even If U Win,
U Are Still A Rat. ... View Full Sms

Life Gives Answer In 3 Ways…
It Says Yes & Gives U What U Want,
It Says No And Gives U Something Better, ... View Full Sms

When God Takes Away
Something From Your Hand,
Dont Think He’s Punishing U… ... View Full Sms

Life Is More Strict Than A Teacher
A Teacher Teaches A Lesson
And Takes An Exam. ... View Full Sms

Lucky Means Who Get The Opportunity.
Brilliant Means Who Create The Opportunity.
Winner Means Who Use The Opportunity. ... View Full Sms

“ If You Miss An Opportunity
Don’t Fill Ur Eyes With Tears.
It May Hide Yet Another Opportunity ... View Full Sms


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