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Give Importance To Time, The Time Will Give
Importance To U.... View Full Sms

Loving Humanity Is Actually Loving God.... View Full Sms

Think Before U Speak But Not As Much
That U Loose The Time Of Speaking.... View Full Sms

Learn Frm A Candle. Which Burn Itself 4
Lightening The
Others Way. Live In Such A Way That ... View Full Sms

The People Who Dont Study Have Very Less
Things To Think Upon.
Always Love Books. Bcoz Books R Best Friends ... View Full Sms

Yesterday Is History Tomorrow Is A Mystery.
Today Is A Gift That Is Why We
... View Full Sms

If Health Is Lost Nothing Is Lost
If Wealth Is Lost Something Is Lost
... View Full Sms

Godisnowhere This Can Be Read As God Is
No Where Or As God Is Now Here
Everything Depends On How Do U See Anything. ... View Full Sms

Dont Think How Many Moments In Your Life,
Just Think How Much Life Is There In
... View Full Sms

Care Is The Sweetest Form Of Love, So
Wen Any1 Says “Take Care” Its As Good
As Saying, “I’ll Keep U In My Heart ... View Full Sms


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