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Reality Is An Illusion Caused By Alcohol Deficiency.... View Full Sms

What The Word Impossible Says I M Possible.
So Every Thing Which Seems Impossible Is Itself
... View Full Sms

The Word Trust Is D Basis Of All
Relatioas But A Small Mistake Made, Can Change
Its Entire Meaning. Like Just A ... View Full Sms

“Stolen Kisses Are Always Sweetest”... View Full Sms

“Smile Is Good Cosmetics For Beauty”... View Full Sms

Success is like your own shadow, if u
try to catch then u wil never succeed,
ignore it and walk in ur own ... View Full Sms

Do Not Feel Ashamed If The Amount Of
Charity Is Small Because To Refuse The Needy
... View Full Sms

Always Remember To 4get Those Things That Make
U Sad
But Nvr Forget To Remember Those Things That ... View Full Sms

To Make Our Way,
We Must Have Firm Resolve,
Persistence, Tenacity. ... View Full Sms

Don’t Expect Anything From Life, Expectations Hurt. When
U Don’t Expect, Every Moment Is A Surprise
... View Full Sms


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