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A Leader Is One Who
Knows The Way,
Goes The Way ... View Full Sms

You Must Have
Long Range Goals
To Keep You ... View Full Sms

You Can Tell More About A Person
By What He Says About Others
Than ... View Full Sms

Being A Good Person
Is Like A Being A Goal Keeper
No Matter How Many Goals We Save, ... View Full Sms

Ikhtiyar, Taaqat Aur Doulat
Aisi Cheezain Hain Jin K Milnay Say Log
Badaltay Nahin Baynaqab Hotay Hain ... View Full Sms

Silent Lips May Avoid Many Problems,
But Smiling Lips May Solve Many Problems,
So Always Have A Smile On Ur Face ... View Full Sms

“A Hopeless Person Feels
Difficulty In Every Chance”
& ... View Full Sms

As We Sail Through Life,
Dont Avoid Storms & Rough Waters,
Just Let It Pass… Sail On! ... View Full Sms

Erasers Are For People Who Make Errors.
But A Better Saying:
Erasers Are For People Willing To Correct Their ... View Full Sms

In Life, Dont Expect Anything From Anyone.
Because Expectation, When Not Fulfilled, Gives You Pain.
When You Get Something Without Expecting It, ... View Full Sms


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