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Winning Horse Doesn’t Knows Why It Runs In
The Race,
It Runs Because Of The Beat And Pains… ... View Full Sms

If A Drop Of Water Falls In
Lake There Is No Identity.
But If It Falls On A Leaf Of Lotus ... View Full Sms

Never Expect Things To Happen..
Struggle And Make Them Happen.
Never Expect Yourself To Be Given A Good ... View Full Sms

A Race Horse That Consistently
Runs Just 1 Second Faster
Than Others Is Worth Millions Of Dollars More. ... View Full Sms

Best Inspiring Message Of The Year?
If U R Born Poor, Its Not Your Mistake
But ... View Full Sms

Once, All Village People Decided To Pray For
On The Day Of Prayer All People Gathered ... View Full Sms

A Mind, Like A Home,
Is Furnished By Its Owner,
So If Ones Life Is Cold And Bare ... View Full Sms

A Helping Word To One In Trouble
Is Like A Switch In A Railroad Track
... View Full Sms

A Happy Person Is Not A Person
In A Certain Set Of Circumstances,
But Rather A Person With ... View Full Sms

Ustaad Ki Maar Baap K Pyar Se Achi Hai
[Hazrat Luqman (A.S)]
Chand K Baghair Raat Bekar Hai, Aur Ilm ... View Full Sms


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