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First Guy (Proudly) : “ My Wife’s An
Second Guy : “ You’re Lucky, Mine’s Still ... View Full Sms

“Who is rich? He that is content. Who
is that? Nobody.”
... View Full Sms

“Do Not Be Fooled Into Believing That Because
A Man Is Rich He Is
Necessarily Smart. There Is Ample Proof To The ... View Full Sms

“We Are Rich Only Through What We Give,
And Poor Only Through What
We Refuse.” ... View Full Sms

“Life Engenders Life. Energy Creates Energy. It Is
By Spending
Oneself That One Becomes Rich.” ... View Full Sms

“If All The Rich People In The World
Divided Up Their Money Among
Themselves There Wouldn’t Be Enough To Go Around.” ... View Full Sms

“It Is Necessary That You Feel Comfortable When
You Talk About
Money, Because You Have Truly Been Born Rich.” ... View Full Sms

Always B The Reason
Of Some1’s Happiness
Never B Just A Part Of It ... View Full Sms

When God Solves Your Problems,
You Have Faith In His Abilities….
When He Doesn’t Solve Your Problems, ... View Full Sms

Always Have A Unique Character Like Salt,
It’s Presence Is Not Felt
But ... View Full Sms


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