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To Be Simple Is To Be Great.... View Full Sms

Our Business In Life Is Not
To Get Ahead Of Others,
... View Full Sms

No One Can Motivate You,
Until You Motivate Yourself.... View Full Sms

Argument Wins The Situation But Loses The Person.
So Never Argue With Your Loved Ones
Because Situation Is Nt Important Than Ur Loved ... View Full Sms

When A Man Steals Your Wife,
There Is No Better Revenge
... View Full Sms

After Marriage,
Husband And Wife Become
Two Sides Of A Coin; ... View Full Sms

By All Means Marry.
If You Get A Good Wife,
You’ll Be Happy. ... View Full Sms

Woman Inspires Us To Great Things,
And Prevents Us From Achieving Them.... View Full Sms

The Great Question…
Which I Have Not Been Able To Answer
Is, ... View Full Sms

Two Secrets To Keep Your Marriage Brimming
1. Whenever You’re Wrong, Admit It,
... View Full Sms


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