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Friends R Like Mirror.
Ur Friends Shows What And How U R.... View Full Sms

Try To Hide Bad Qualities Of Others.
Allah Will Hide Urs In The Day Of
... View Full Sms

Try To Avoid Bad Friends Bcoz
They Make Theirselves Ur Introduction... View Full Sms

Success Is Only Possible With
Hardwork And Clear Thinking
... View Full Sms

Keep The Gains Of The Post Generation Safely
And Pass Them To Our Future Generation With
Useful ... View Full Sms

I M Hopefull That If We Understand
The Aims And Acts Accordingly,
Even The Angels Would Surely ... View Full Sms

Intelligence Is Like A River.
The Deeper It Is The Less Noise It
... View Full Sms

A Person Who Asks
A Question Is A Fool For Five Minutes.
A Person Who Doesnít Is A Fool Forever ... View Full Sms

Trouble Is A Part Of Your Life
And If You Donít Share It,
You Donít Give The Person Who Love ... View Full Sms

Love Doesnt Get Closer By Meeting
But Is Sweetend By Thought,
I Care 4 U In My Own Strong Ways, ... View Full Sms


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