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1>Pray as if everything depends on God &
work as everyhting depends on you. ... View Full Sms

What are the difference between a peso and
a friend? A peso is easy to earn,
a friend is hard to find. A peso ... View Full Sms

Keep the race through God's good grace. Lift
up your eyes and seek His face. Life
with its way b4 us lies. Christ is ... View Full Sms

God has a reason 4 allowing things to
happen, we may never understand,his wisdom but we
simply have 2 trust his will. God bless ... View Full Sms

The world will provide you with stones every
day; what you build out of it is
... View Full Sms

Dont wish a life without troubles,instead ask for
the strength to face troubles that come ur
way.As a WOUNDED WARRIOR is superior than a ... View Full Sms

A negative thinker see a difficulty in every
A positive thinker see an opportunity in every ... View Full Sms

Repentance is another name for aspiration.... View Full Sms

Sweet fruits r nice 2 eat, sweet words
r nice 2 say, but sweet people r
really hard ... View Full Sms

I have a dream to get you
I have a dream to hold you
I have a dream to be with you ... View Full Sms


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