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I'm studying for finals - this defies the
laws of physics by sucking and blowing at
... View Full Sms

Finals = academic suicide

Yo his pencil's heavy, knees weak, face is ... View Full Sms

I'm not going to cheat on the test
tommorow, i'm simply going to study during it.... View Full Sms

Finals are like boys...
1. they're hard to understand
2. you might get the urge to cheat ... View Full Sms

Twas the night before exam week, and all
through the dorms, not a student was studying,
this was usually the norm. Kegs in the ... View Full Sms

A group of college students knew they had
a quiz on Monday, so on Friday they
decided to go party and come back to ... View Full Sms

Ever notice how DYING is at the end
of STUDYING.....i don't think that was an accident!... View Full Sms

A professor was wrapping up class, and started
talking about tomorrows final exam. He said there
would be no excuses for not showing up ... View Full Sms

F: F**k
I: I ... View Full Sms

Burraaah...... chak diye Fatte

Sara syllabus padh liya... ... View Full Sms


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